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New: Database Refresh
Since version 2.12 SPRESIweb reprised the original concept of only including structures abstracted from the literature and all following versions retain only catalog data and supplier links for these structures. The benefit of this refresh is improved content, focused on chemistry from organic synthesis journals.

Chemicals Suppliers
The user can identify which substances contained in his hit lists are commercially available directly during the search and order them right away through the hyperlink to homepage/online catalogs of the particular supplier.
Actual Content
Test now! The SPRESIweb 2.15 version developed by InfoChem is an integrated scientific database containing over
  • 5.8 million molecules abstracted from literature
  • 4.6 million reactions
  • 700,000 references
covering the years 1974 - 2014.
SPRESIweb offers links to several document delivery services as:
  • Subito and CISTI
  • patent offices:
    • Espacenet
    • US Patent & Trademark Office
and to other databases like:
  • SpringerMaterials
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